All Convention
Sr.No.Convention YearVenueTheme
1 CSI-66 Calcutta An Ideal Computer Map For India
2 CSI-67 Hyderabad Place Of Computers I The Industry
3 CSI-68 Kanpur Computer Education
4 CSI-69 Trivandrum Training On Software
5 CSI-70 Madras Automation Problem
6 CSI-71 Bangalore Choice Of Large Computer Syems For Regional Centres
7 CSI-72 Bombay Challenges Of Computerisation – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
8 CSI-73 Delhi Computers- Catalysts For National Development
9 CSI-74 Madras Computers In Optimisation
10 CSI-75 Ahmedabad Computers In National Development
11 CSI-76 Hyderabad Computers And Social Change
12 CSI-77 Pune Man And The Computer
13 CSI-78 Calcutta Computer And The Quality Of Life
14 CSI-79 Bangalore Computers In A Developing Economy
15 CSI-80 Bombay Computers In The Eighties
16 CSI-81 Delhi Reliance Of Computers In India
17 CSI-82 Madras Computer Manpower Development
18 CSI-83 Ahmedabad Computers & Productivity
19 CSI-84 Hyderabad Computers And Communications
20 CSI-85 Delhi Computers For Advancement Of Rural Society
21 CSI-86 Calcutta Computers For Productivity & Quality
22 CSI-87 Bombay Information Technology For Deelopment
23 CSI-88 Madras Information Technology In Indian Languages
24 CSI-89 Bangalore Transaction Processing
25 CSI-90 Calcutta It – Key To Progress
26 CSI-91 New Delhi It In Everday Life
27 CSI-92 Madras It & Management
28 CSI-93 Bombay It And Globalisation
29 CSI-94 Clacutta It For Growth & Prosperity
30 CSI-95 Hyderabad Information Technology : Challenges & Opportunities
31 CSI-96 Bangalore India : The Emerging Information Technology Giant
32 CSI-97 Ahmedabad It For Organisational Excellence
33 CSI-98 New Delhi It For The Next Generation
34 CSI-99 Mumbai It India Inc. : Enabling The Information Century
35 CSI-2000 Chennai Society And The Digital Millennium
36 CSI-2001 Kolkata India – Emerging It Super Power
37 CSI-2002 Bangalore Harnessing And Managing Knowledge
38 CSI-2003 New Delhi Inormation, Computersand Telecommunications For The Prosperity Of Mankind
39 CSI-2004 Mumbai IT++ : The Next Generation
40 CSI-2005 Hyderabad Ict For National Develoment
41 CSI-2006 Kolkata Affordable Computing
42 CSI-2007 Bangalore Gennext India – Future Minds
43 CSI-2008 Chennai Connected Society
44 CSI-2009 Pune Technology Lead Inclusive Growth
46 CSI-2011 Ahmedabad ICT 4u Tracking The Lives Of Everyone
47 CSI-2012 Kolkata Intelligent Infrastructure
48 CSI-2013 Visakhapatnam Ict & Cultural Infrastructure
49 CSI-2014 Hyderabad Emerging Ict For Bridging Future
50 CSI-2015 New Delhi Digital Life
51 CSI-2016 Coimbatore Digital Connectivity - Social Impact
52 CSI-2017 Kolkata Social Transformation – Digital Way
53 CSI-2020 Bhubaneshwar Digital Democracy – IT for Change
54 CSI-2021 Lucknow Digital Transformation – eReadiness for Self Reliance